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Hello! We're Natalie and Ron and we're so excited you stopped by. We were high school sweethearts, now we're husband and wife, co-photographers and parents to twin 3- year-olds Skyler and Bryson. We celebrated our own wedding in the summer of 09 and have been photographing them together ever since! We love to travel, we love good coffee and our favourite way to spend an evening is playing board games with our boys beside a giant bowl of popcorn. 

Some of our closest friends are couples we've photographed and we LOVE this! We believe in the commitment of marriage and one of our biggest passions is reminding our couples that their wedding day, while so significant is just the start of their unique and wonderful story. 

Grab a warm drink, scroll through our galleries and blog and read more about us! If you think we're a good match, drop us a line and let us take you out for coffee. We'd LOVE to help you tell your story!

photos: Raw Footage Photography